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Yiheng Yvonne Wu: Four Poems of Li-Young Lee

Yiheng Yvonne Wu (UC San Diego): $1,000 for Four Poems of Li-Young Lee. November Mini Grants

Bonnie Whiting Smith, who specializes as a speaking percussionist, and Jessica Aszodi, soprano, will be in residence at UCSD for the studio recording and concert premiere of Yiheng Yvonne Wu’s original musical composition, Four Poems of Li-Young Lee. The recording will take place in the state-of-the-art Studio A of Warren Lecture Hall at UCSD. The performance will be at Conrad Prebys Recital Hall. The work is the result in an intense 3-way collaboration over more than one year and has been designed specifically for their expertise and styles. Since Whiting Smith may be the country’s only speaking percussionist specializing in contemporary music, she was given the role of reciting all the poetry while she simultaneously played various percussion instruments. Aszodi’s role is musically active while having little verbal content; her part reflects the tone behind the poems and presents her voice as pure musical sound.

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