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Jordan Crandall : WAVE: an interdisciplinary journal of cultural issues

Jordan Crandall (UCSD Art) Faculty

WAVE is an interdisciplinary  journal of  cultural issues. It conducts a collaborative interplay across  various fields of cultural and knowledge production, including visual art, philosophy, cultural studies, and science studies. Encompassing both email and print media, it exists as a mutable, hybrid form.

About the Artist: Jordan Crandall ( is a media artist, theorist, and performer. He is Associate Professor in the Visual Arts Department at University of California, San Diego. His video installations have been presented in numerous exhibitions worldwide; currently, in group exhibitions at the Tate Modern, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and the Walker Art Center. His most recent video installation _Hotel_ (2009) probes into the realms of extreme intimacy, where techniques of control combine with techniques of the self and paranoia combines with pleasure. Crandall is currently developing a new philosophy of the event entitled _Gatherings_, which works across the life sciences, the social sciences, the digital humanities, urban design and architecture. Crandall writes and lectures widely. He is the founding editor of the new journal Version (

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