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Water is Rising Music and Dance Amid Climate Change at UC Los Angeles

Sat, Oct 15, 2011 at 7:00 PM
Royce Hall, UC Los Angeles

Tickets from $35 ($15 Students)

Performance and purpose collide in this powerful world stage premiere that illuminates the plight of the Pacific Islands. Scientists report the vulnerable coral atolls of Kiribati Tokelau and Tuvalu are already experiencing rising sea levels as result of global warming and climate change. Thirty-six dancers and musicians express their deep connection to nature and their ancestral past through multi-part harmonies, poetry, and gracious movement cascading over dynamic rhythms inspiring us all to be better stewards of our shared planet. Water is Rising harnesses the power of performance art in an impassioned plea for global awareness and social change. A gala concert of the World Festival of Sacred Music. A project of UCLA Center for Intercultural Performance and Foundation for World Arts.

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