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Urgent Action Alerts from CAA!

by California Arts Advocates

A lot has been happening in the arts over the past month and we need your help!

Two actions must be taken immediately: encourage Governor Jerry Brown to oppose AB 1330 and support SB 547 and protect vital charitable giving incentives on the federal level!

In addition, CAA’s Board had a very successful retreat and San Francisco hosted a Mayoral Arts Forum and a national forum on arts education was held as well!

Please see below for more information on how you can act!

If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see included in the newsletter and for CAA as a whole, please let us know!


Please join California Arts Advocates in opposing AB 1330, legislation that would undermine access to arts education courses by allowing students to substitute Career Technical Education (CTE) courses for current requirements in Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) or Foreign Language.

While CAA supports efforts to create pathways to the workforce for students, preventing every student from gaining access to the unique training and skills that grow from quality arts education does not serve them.

CLICK HERE to oppose AB 1330 and support SB 547!

Please join us in supporting SB 547, legislation that would allow, with the help of an advisory committee, to develop the Education Quality Index (EQI), a more comprehensive way to measure the effectiveness of public education, including the benefits of arts education. Theh bill would create a state assessment index, graduation rate index, college preparedness index, career readiness index and to develop an index on “creativity and innovation.”

For more information on SB 547, Click Here.

CLICK HERE to oppose AB 1330 and support SB 547!


As you know, thousands of nonprofits in the arts, education, and other community organizations rely on their tax-exempt status as a way to raise money.

Right now there is a proposal that would limit the deductibility of donations, which could result in losses in giving by as much as $7 billion a year.

Please send a letter to your senators and representatives urging them to oppose these changes to the charitable tax deduction.

To learn more and send a letter to your representatives, CLICK HERE!

For more information about CAA visit:

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