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Upcoming Lecture & EXHIBITION: LITA ALBUQUERQUE March 5&6 at UCLA

Dates: March 5-6, 2014

Location: UC Los Angeles

March 5th, LITA ALBUQUERQUE will be giving a lecture at the department of Design | Media Arts – the North side of our center – and the following day,

March 6th, she will be opening her exhibition LITA ALBUQUERQUE – Prime Meridian: Zero Degree from 5-7pm at the Art|Sci Gallery on the South side of campus @ CNSI. Join us after the opening for our monthly Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous (LASER) gathering! More about the artist:

For ART|SCI, Lita Albuquerque presents a project that explores the relationship between humanity and the movement of the cosmos. The artist will project 2 videos on the walls of stellar rotation from the north and south poles and a projection on the ground of a body’s shadow running. In this projected world, Albuquerque suspends our ordinary reality. The normal ebb and flow of life ceases in order to better understand our common bonds of time, stillness and motion.

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