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Upcoming Events re: Ansel Adams and Jeffrey Lustig

Ariel Dorfman recently had a new spin on an old aphorism: “Those who do not know the past well are not only condemned to repeat the mistakes of the
past, but they will not befriend it. To befriend the past, in some sense, is to create the future.” Two upcoming events invite us to create the University of California’s future by befriending its past:

Photographing the Future: Utopian Vision and Ansel Adams’s Fiat Lux
On Friday, November 4 from 4-6PM the group STILL PICTURES is hosting a panel on the enormous archive of photographs that Ansel Adams took of the University of California in the 1960s. Trevor Paglen and Julia Bryan-Wilson will examine the ethical, aesthetic, and prophetic dimensions of the Fiat Lux archive, which contains over 6,000 images. These photographs dramatize our institution’s shifting optics: the expansive horizons of UC’s past captured by Adams contrast sharply with the myopic and unaesthetic views of the present–which is discursively framed as space of perpetual crisis. The UC Commission on the Future told us, “The future cannot be avoided.”  How might befriending the Fiat Lux archive suggest ways to perform our future differently?

See full event details here:

Corporate MisEducation and the Liberal Arts Response

On Tuesday, November 8 at 5PM, the Making UC Futures Townsend working group presents a seminar with Jeffrey Lustig (CSU Sacramento) on his paper about the American university as both a battered figure of the public domain and a special realm for the cultivation of the mind. John Aubrey Douglass (Center for Studies in Higher Education) will serve as discussant. Offering an analysis ranging from Cicero and Clark Kerr to Novartis and
British Petroleum, Lustig’s essay challenges faculty, in particular, to recreate their culture from within and to affirm the university itself as a school of publicness, a place where we learn what it means to be a public.

** The paper, to be read in advance, can be downloaded from:

We hope to see you at one or both of these events!

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