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United States Artists – USA Fellow Grants (Information Only)

Synopsis: United States Artists (USA) exists to nurture, support, and strengthen the work of America´s finest living artists. Through this program, the foundation supports a diverse array of visual, literary, performing, design, media, and crafts and traditional artists.

The first three years of the USA Fellows program will be considered a pilot phase. During that time, USA will distribute 150 unrestricted fellowship grants of $50,000 each to artists across the United States.

Because USA Fellow nominations are made by an anonymous group of arts leaders, critics, scholars, and artists chosen by USA, additional information about this grant is not available. This entry is for information only.

The official announcement and description of this opportunity may be found on the funding agency’s website:

Numerical value: $50,000

Selection Criteria: To become a USA Fellow, one must be nominated. Each year, nominations are made by an anonymous group of arts leaders, critics, scholars, and artists chosen by USA. Nominators do not know one another. Their identities are to remain secret.

Nominators are asked to submit names of artists they believe show an extraordinary commitment to their craft. Artists at any stage of career development may be nominated. To be considered for fellowships, artists must be 21 years of age or older and U.S. citizens or legal residents in any U.S. state. Artists must have the following:

  • Expert artistic skills
  • Received artistic education or training (formal or informal)
  • Attempted to derive income from those skills
  • Been actively engaged in creating artwork and presenting it to the public

Nominated artists are notified of their nominations and encouraged to apply. Artists are required to fill out a simple online application.

A continuous application opportunity. Applications are considered in the order received.

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