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Undergrads for Opera at UCSD Presents…

Undergrads for Opera at UCSD Presents…

Friday, January 27th, 2012
7:00 pm
CPMC Recital Hall
Self-Support Concert

Undergrads for Opera at UCSD presents… Members of the brand new student organization Undergrads for Opera at UCSD showcase their talents and hard work in an evening of song.

About Undergrads for Opera…

Student Organization Constitution: Undergrads for Opera at UCSD The purpose of Undergrads for Opera at UCSD is to provide undergraduate classical vocalists with the opportunity to gain experience planning, organizing, and performing in events that are not directly dependent on the UCSD Music Department. Performances include, but are not limited to, solo and joint recitals, staged and nonstaged opera scenes and one-act operas, and collaborations with instrumentalists. These performances will be free to the public, and aimed primarily at UCSD students. Through the process of creating professional-level performances from scratch, participants gain valuable experience and develop a sense of community. Undergrads for Opera at UCSD is a non-profit student organization.

The requirements for membership are as follows:

1. Participants must be undergraduate students at UCSD.
2. Participation is open to students currently taking/having previously taken private voice lessons through the UCSD Music Department (MUS 32V and/or 132V). Membership is also open to UCSD students unaffiliated with the Music Department who demonstrate the level of musicality, professionalism, and dedication necessary to participate in professional-level classical vocal performances through an audition given at the student’s request by two or more leaders of the organization.
3. Participants commit to take part in performances and the rehearsals that are necessary for those performances, as well as attend relevant meetings.
4. Participants will contribute their own costumes and props for performances as needed. Should it be necessary, participants will contribute to payments such as accompanists’ fees, as agreed in the planning stages of each performance on a case-by-case basis.
5. Failure to adhere to policies listed in requirements 3 and 4 will result in dismissal from
the organization.

Organization members will meet at the beginning of each quarter to propose and discuss projects. Organization leaders will meet at least once a month to discuss event planning and budget issues. Further meetings will take place as necessary, at times that are convenient for those whose presence is needed. Rehearsals for each project will also be scheduled as necessary. In the first year of the organization, founding members will hold leadership positions as agreed prior to the organization’s official creation. Leadership roles are held for the duration of the student’s time as a member of the organization, unless the student chooses to step down. When a position becomes available, an election for said position will be held at the quarterly general body meeting. Only registered UCSD undergraduate students may hold leadership positions and vote for future leaders. The President will serve as Artistic Director.

The founding leadership roles, and their holders, will be as follows:
President/Artistic Director: Mariya Kaganskaya
Vice President: Jennifer Wu
Production Manager: Shannon Johnson
Treasurer: Amy Calderon
Secretary: Michael Wu

The organization will submit a budget to the A.S. finance committee quarterly, and apply for event funding as needed. The organization will affiliate with other UCSD organizations as necessary on a case-by-case basis.
The Community Advisor (an optional position) will be selected from UCSD Music Department voice faculty; the Advisor will serve as long as he or she desires.

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