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UCSB Spring Spotlight Begins, April 16, 4:00pm

Spring Spotlight 1 Program

Occurring alternate Wednesdays throughout Spring Quarter, the Spring Spotlight aims to shine a light on students in music performance.

When: Wednesday, April 16th, 2014, 4:00pm

Where: Lotte Lehmann Concert Hall, UC Santa Barbara

Admission is Free

Today’s event includes three comparatively new items to sample:

1) “Vox Gabrieli” by the Croatian composer Stjepan Sulek, for trombone/piano (from 1973)

2) Two of the “Diversions” for piano by the 1st Corwin Chair, Peter Racine Fricker (U.K.) from near the end of his life and tenure at UCSB

3) a large part of what Albert Roussel was writing at his country place just one month before the N.Y. stock market crash (1929).

Join advanced instrumentalists and faculty from the department, plus ECM, for this event designed to spotlight students in music performance.

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