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by Bill Cain
directed by Irwin Appel

May 23, 24, 29-31 / 8 PM
May 31 / 2 PM

Hatlen Theater, UC Santa Barbara


$17 General Admission
$13 Students, Seniors, UCSB Faculty/Staff/Alumni

*For a limited time, opening weekend tickets (May 23 – 24) are only $10 when you use promo code
TD14EQUIV2 at checkout!


Prepare to be enchanted in this magnificent production, Bill Cain’s 2009 drama, Equivocation. Cain writes this daring masterpiece of a complex period involving the famed William Shakespeare. Shakespeare and his company grapple with issues of artistry, politics, morality and perhaps most importantly, life and death. Equivocation focuses on the historical event of the infamous Gunpowder plot. The plot involves angry Roman Catholics who tunneled under English Parliament in an attempt to blow up and execute King James I. The focal point of the play is Shakespeare, and his obligation to create a propaganda play depicting the Gunpowder plot, based on the King’s outlandish demands. If the play inadvertently offends the King, playwright and players could lose their heads. Shakespeare must decide to what degree he is willing to equivocate about the truth and maintain his integrity as an artist. Bill Cain has written about 20 parts to be played by six actors, including parts from another play Shakespeare is writing at the same time that would become Macbeth.

Directed by UCSB’s own, Professor of Theater and and Director of the BFA Actor Training Program, Irwin Appel, this intelligent play demands yet creates, a magnificent work of art. Appel wanted to challenge the actors to recreate the best play he had ever seen, he is deeply passionate about the story, and he is certain the audience will love it as well. Equivocation requires the high energy and passion of the young cast, radiating to the audience and captivating them. Appel is exceedingly pleased with the students’ enthusiasm to step up to the plate and embrace the creation of this ambitious spectacle.

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