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UCSB Department of Art Spring Colloquium Series

Thursdays, 5:00 – 6:50 PM
Girvetz Hall, Room 1004

Speaking Schedule:

Thursday, April 5th Eve Fowler
Eve Fowler is a photographer based in Los Angeles. Her pictures explore provocative subject matter — for instance male hustlers, lesbians, or transgendered individuals — but she deliberately supplies no explanatory titles or captions. In her early work, she photographed men who were loners — disconnected sex workers in New York and Los Angeles. She then began photographing androgynous men, which then moved into photographs of longhaired, shirtless androgynous men who resemble some of the transgender women she photographs today.

Thursday, April 12th John Pylpchuk

orking across a range of media Pylypchuk populates his paintings, sculptures and films with a menagerie of dysfunctional furry creatures composed in various tableaux through which the artist examines the human condition. The mini dramas Pylypchuk stages always have wider philosophical implications for our ideas of love, rejection and pain. Typically humorous and cruel the titles of these works express the blackly ironic personal thoughts of Pylypchuk’s protagonists.

Thursday, April 19th Frances Stark
Through both writing and visual art, Frances Stark addresses the conditions of creative labor, producing candid and affecting work about the nature of artistic practice and the corresponding yet integral banality of the everyday. The artist’s body of work stands as a self-reflexive inquiry into the process of artistic production, and the often-elided demands of daily life.

Thursday, April 26th: John Divola
John Divola (b. 1949, Los Angeles) BA, 1971 California State University, Northridge; MA 1973: MFA 1974, University of California, Los Angeles. Since 1975 he has taught photography and art at numerous institutions including California Institute of the Arts (1978-1988), and since 1988 he has been a Professor of Art at the University of California, Riverside. Since 1975, Divola’s work has been featured in more than sixty solo exhibitions in the United States, Japan, Europe, Mexico, and Australia.

Thursday, May 3rd Carlee Fernandez
Fernandez’ sculptural and photographic work transforms natural objects such as taxidermy animals or human bodies into new configurations that challenge the boundaries of singularity and formal distinction by blurring traditional epistemological categories. Christopher Knight, writing in the Los Angeles Times, remarks that her ensembles “mix reverence for the natural world with art’s imaginative wildness, trading conceptual places in unexpected ways.”

Thursday, May 10th Dick Hebdige
Dick Hebdige has published extensively on popular culture, media and critical theory and contemporary art, music and design. He is the current Director of the campus Interdisciplinary Humanities Center while holding a joint faculty appointment in the Department of Art and Film Studies. He has been teaching in art schools since the mid 1970’s, having served as the Dean of Critical Studies and the Director of the experimental writing program at CalArts before coming to UCSB.

Thursday, May 17th Ben Weiner
Ben Weiner derives imagery for paintings and videos by magnifying commonplace materials of artifice, such as beauty products, art supplies, and artificial food ingredients. By amplifying their mesmerizing texture, luminosity and elasticity using macro photography, Weiner allows the inherent illusionistic properties of these materials to form the embryos for works of art.

Thursday. May 24th Lisa Lapinski
Lisa Lapinski’s imaginative sculptures incorporate mainstays of their genre—wood and wire, cement and clay—as well as painting, photography, drawing, and more unconventional materials such as ornate wallpaper, nail salon advertisements, boxed foodstuffs, and Snoopy figurines. Her work often resonates with narrative meaning deriving from philosophical, historical, and psychological sources. Lapinski’s sculptures are intricately crafted and formally compelling.

Thursday, May 31st Lisa Jevbratt
Jevbratt is a Swedish born new media artist, currently a professor in the Art Department and the Media Art Technology program at University of California, Santa Barbara. Her work, ranging from Internet visualization software to biofeedback and interspecies collaboration, is concerned with collectives and systems, the languages and conditions that generate them, and the exchanges within them.

Thursday, June 7th Kip Fulbeck
Kip Fulbeck is a pioneering artist, spoken word performer, and filmmaker. He has been featured on CNN, MTV, The Today Show, and PBS, and has performed and exhibited in over twenty countries and throughout the U.S. He is the author of several books including Mixed: Portraits of Multiracial Kids; Part Asian, 100% Hapa; and Permanence: Tattoo Portraits, as well as the director of a dozen short films including Banana Split and Lilo & Me.

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