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UCIRA SOTA Editor, Daniel Tucker, releases book Farm Together Now

The UCIRA is pleased to announce that our SOTA Editor, Daniel Tucker (along with his co-author Amy Franceschini), has released a new book Farm Together Now. Farm Together Now meets with people across the country who are challenging the conventions of industrialized farming and exclusive green economies.

This part-travelogue, part-oral history, part-creative exploration of food politics will introduce readers to twenty groups working in agriculture and sustainable food production in the U.S. Throughout 2009 the authors visited twenty farms from coast to coast, talking to farmers about their engagement in sustainable food production, public policy and community organizing efforts. Interviews and photo essays with each farm/garden/project illustrate the inspiring histories, unique characters and everyday struggles of life on these farms. It is through sharing diverse voices from the contemporary farm that this book will inspire and cultivate a new wave of agrarians. Half of the author’s profits will be put into a fund to encourage like-minded documentary projects. For more info on the book, please visit and

Book Tour Dates:

* San Francisco, CA – Tuesday 12/1/10 8pm @ Green Arcade
* Baltimore, MD – Wednesday 1/5/11 7pm @ 2640
* Philadelphia, PA – Thursday 1/6/11 7pm @ Wooden Shoe Books & Records
* Millbrook, NY – Saturday 1/8/11 Time TBA @ Merritt Books
* Pocantico Hills, NY – Sunday 1/9/11 2pm @ Stone Barns Center’s Winter Market in the Hay Barn
* Brooklyn, NY – Monday 1/10/11 7pm @ Melville House Books
* Los Angeles, CA – Monday 1/31/11 Time TBA @ Stories

Daniel Tucker is currently serving as editor of SOTA for the UCIRA (University of California Institute for Research in the Arts). He edited AREA Chicago Art/Research/Education/Activism from 2005-2010. Find out more at

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