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UCIRA Co-Director Marko Peljhan Presents March Lecture: An Arctic Perspective of Living Environments and Human Existence

Alaska Design Forum
Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau
03/05/2012 – 03/07/2012

Marko Peljhan is an internationally-active artist who deals with questions of art, science and technology. He has introduced his work in museum displays, exhibitions and festivals around the world. Peljhan established the art and technology organization “Zavod Projekt Atol” in 1995 in his native Slovenia, and set up “PACT Systems”, a global network for developing technologies on a base of open-source and strategic media.

A professor at the University of California Santa Barbara, Peljhan is also currently a coordinator for the Arctic Perspective Initiative art/science/tactical media project, which is focused on the global significance of the Arctic geopolitical, natural and cultural spheres. Marko Peljhan will give three lectures in Alaska on March 5-7.

March 5 – Anchorage
March 6 – Fairbanks
March 7 – Juneau

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