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UCIRA Board Member Shannon Jackson to release book in February

At a time when artworld critics and curators heavily debate the social, and when community organizers and civic activists are reconsidering the role of aesthetics in social reform, this book makes explicit some of the contradictions and competing stakes of contemporary experimental art-making. Social Works is an interdisciplinary approach to the forms, goals, and histories  of innovative social practice in both contemporary performance and visual art. Shannon Jackson uses a range of case studies and contemporary methodologies to mediate between the fields of visual and performance studies. The result is a brilliant analysis that not only incorporates current political and aesthetic discourses, but also provides a practical understanding of social practice.

Shannon Jackson is the Director of the Arts Research Center at the University of California, Berkeley, USA, where she is also Professor of Rhetoric and of Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies. Her award-winning previous publications include Professing Performance (2004) and Lines of Activity (2000).  She is on the board of the University of California Institute for Research in the Arts.

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