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UCIRA Artists Mark Dresser, Michael Dessen, Victoria Petrovich, and John Crawford present TeleMotions: A Networked Intermedia Concert

when: 2011-04-17, starts at 8:00pm

Performance dates:
8 pm, Saturday, April 16
2 pm, Sunday, April 17

In San Diego: Calit2 Theatre, Atkinson Hall, UC San Diego
In Irvine: Auditorium, Calit2 Building, UC Irvine
Free admission. The performance will be one continuous set, approximately 75 minutes, with audiences and performers at both sites.

In recent years, UC faculty have been leading new developments into telepresent performance, not only by implementing newly emerging Internet tools that enable high-quality audio and video connections among remote locations, but also by creating new artistic works that explore the potentials of this new medium. Extending upon that history, this concert features new music composed and peformed by Mark Dresser (bass), Myra Melford (piano) and Michael Dessen (trombone), performed in a visual environment created by Victoria Petrovich (scenic design) and John Crawford (telematic video).

With live audiences at both sites, Dresser and Melford will be performing in San Diego at the Calit2 Theatre within Petrovich’s immersive stage design, while Dessen will be performing in the Calit2 Auditorium at UC Irvine where Crawford will also be integrating live video into both performance spaces. The performances take advantage of a dedicated, high-bandwidth network between the Irvine and San Diego buildings of the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology, a leading research unit based at the University of California.

Telemotions culminates two years of collaboration by the core artists along with an extensive support crew of UC staff researchers and graduate students who specialize in video, audio, design and computer networking. One year ago in spring 2010, the same artistic team presented a large-scale telematic concert titled Jazz Telemotions. Since then, they have developed all new music and visual design while also refining their use of networking technologies in workshops throughout the year. With music that explores both rhythmic grooves and the tactile subtleties of sound, along with integrated scenic design and real-time video, these performances promise to be unprecedented in scope and unique contributions to the newly emerging field of telepresent performance.

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Artistic direction:
Mark Dresser (bass), Myra Melford (piano), Michael Dessen (trombone), Victoria Petrovich (scenic design) and John Crawford (telematic video)

Supported by the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2), the Center for Research in Computing and the Arts (CRCA), the University of California Institute for Research in the Arts (UCIRA), the Department of Dance and Department of Music at UC Irvine’s Claire Trevor School for the Arts, and the Department of Music at UC San Diego.

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