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UCIRA Artist Tim Schwartz Issues Call for Artists and Writers to Play with the Mythology of the Wild West

Call for artists and writers to play with the mythology of the wild west:

In 1867 Harper’s Monthly published an article and interview with Wild Bill which documented the first “quick draw” style duel, in which Bill killed David Tutt Jr. This article plays a key role in the creation of the mythology surrounding the wild west and in fact a variety of the facts in the piece are questionable.

This Article is the digital version of this article distributed by Harpers Magazine’s website, it is missing page 278. Evidently, when the document was scanned, a page was skipped.

UCIRA Artist, Tim Schwartz, is doing an artwork exploring this and other losses as analog archives become digital. In an attempt to elucidate this loss in translation from physical to digital, he is asking writers to imagine what happened on that lost page.

Please submit a copy of about 1100 words, more importantly close to 5700 characters (with spaces) to fill in this missing gap. The text should start just after “That man is the most remarkable charac-” and end just before “she must jump it; and at it she went with a big rush.” The new text can be written in the style of the old piece, be a totally fictional account, be poetry, use a different writing style… the doors are open to explore this loss.

The piece will be published as a small magazine with the blank page folding out into a larger poster that will hold a selection of the re-imagined pages. Please feel free to contact Tim at tim.c.schwartz [at] if you would like to submit a page for this artwork.

For more info on this CFP and this project, please click HERE.

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