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UCIRA Artist Sara Wookey’s “Wookey Works Studio” Fall Newsletter 2013

Greetings from Los Angeles where I am preparing several projects that will take place in October/November in Boston, London and New York. I look forward to crossing paths with some of you along the way…

One of the things I enjoy about working in the Netherlands is the spirit of experimentation and play. After a summer residency at the van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven, the Netherlands architect Rennie Tang and I have developed Punt.Point, a self-guided walking tour and tool-kit. The wearable kit assists the museum visitor in positioning themselves in the museum for more comfort, perceptual views and enjoyment. This kit includes a how-to-guide in trying out headstands as the the ultimate flip of the more expected stance of the museum goer. This project will be installed over the next five-years at the van Abbe and will be launched on November 2, 2013 as part of the opening of the newly renovated museum and part of the program Once Upon a Time…The Collection Now.

Performances, Lectures and Public Conversations
My new solo work, Disappearing Acts & Resurfacing Subjects: Concerns of (a) Dance Artist(s) will be presented at Wellesley College and Roehampton University. It will then travel to NYC for presentation at the New Museum on November 16th as part of the Performance Archiving Performance
program. You can see an excerpt of the work here. I will be joined by artists Yanira Castro, Julie Tolentino and Jennifer Monson. As part of each of those engagements I will be giving workshops and speaking about my practice with local students, youth and dance communities.

Last spring I participated in the Dancing with the Art World conference at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles. As part of that event I spoke on a panel about my work with museums as a dance-based artist and co-performed Trio A (1966) with Yvonne Rainer. The footage from the performance is now available here.

This past summer I presented on my urban walking projects in Los Angeles as part of a panel at the On Walking Conference hosted by the University of Sunderland and the Northern Gallery of Contemporary Art in Sunderland, England. It was great to be in a country that takes walking as artistic practice seriously and to meet many other like-minded artists/walkers.

I have been working with Dr. Emily Pringle, Head of Learning Practice and Research at the TATE Modern in London and professor Patr Tompson, Professor of Education at the University of Nottingham on The Experience and Value of Live Art, an innovative research project which addresses the difficult question of what young people ‘get’ from contemporary art. As part of that program I will be leading a group of young people (ages 15-25) to develop their own dance works based on methodologies of the canonical dance work Trio A (1966) by Yvonne Rainer. This project is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council Cultural Value program and will culminate in a final presentation by the participants at the TATE Modern on November 1, 2013.

Publications & Interviews
Following my tour of Australia where I performed, taught and lectured on Trio A (1966) by Yvonne Rainer last spring, a review came out in a really fantastic art journal called Real Time out of Melbourne. Meredith Morse conducted an interview and wrote the article, “The Body in Question: The Art of re-Dancing”

As a continuation of my Open Letter to Artists (2012) I have been invited to submit an article for the upcoming book The Ethics of Art edited by Guy Cools and Pascal Gielen. It will be published by Arts in Society, Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts in collaboration with the Modul-Dance Project of the European Dance House Network later in 2013. For those interested in issues around labor rights for artists this is a must read. I will give an update on its publication timeline in my winter newsletter.

As part of my continued work as Outreach Consultant for Metro Art in Los Angeles I have developed a series of artist and docent led art walking tours in downtown Los Angeles called Metro Art Moves_DTLA. This project aims to attract discretionary riders through engaging cultural experiences. This project is a way for me to activate the part of my artistic practice that involves prompting people to notice the subtleties of public space and creating opportunities for participation in the urban landscape. These once-a-month tours have been very successful and, if you are in L.A., please join us first Thursdays of the month! More information can be found here.

Thanks for your attention and I wish you a creative and fruitful autumn.

All best,


Sara Wookey
Director, Wookey Works Studio

first picture- Point.Punt, van Abbemuseum, November 2, 2013
second picture- Disappearing Acts & Resurfacing Subjects: Concerns of (a) Dance Artist(s), New Museum, November 16, 2013

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