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WOOKEY WORKS STUDIO Winter Newsletter 2013

Happy New Year !!
2012 was an exciting year for Wookey Works Studio

I am delighted to share with you some highlights…

reDANCE, a curated platform of performances, workshops and public conversations on dance, memory and legacy, was in residency at ArtEZ, Arnhem the Netherlands,Lawrence University and University of Wisconsin, Madison. Participating artists included: Carmela Dietrich (Los Angeles), Ben Evans (Barcelona), Claire Filmon (Paris), & Karen Shafmann (San Diego).

My new work: (Dis)Appearing Acts & (Re)Surfacing Subjects was presented at the Ethics in Aesthetics Conference in Tilburg, the Netherlands on the invitation of dramaturge, Guy Cools.

“Collective Thinking” is an article I wrote that was recently published in the December issue of Dance Magazine. It is a follow up piece – written for a younger audience of dancers – to my “Open Letter to Artists” one year ago and posted on Claudia La Rocco’s “Performance Club” site and at Art Info, among others. I continue to work towards better working conditions for dance artists and engage collective bargaining tactics and collective thinking within my own artistic projects.

Choreographers Working Group (CWG), a collective of Los Angeles-based choreographers, successfully completed a two-year cycle of meetings in the studio that included peer-to-peer mentorship and development of a unique practice that culminated in a beautifully designed website and take-away poster by Chris Morabito in early 2012. As an original member of this group I am excited to share this with you here: CWG site. This project is meant to be shared with educators of dance, students and dance professionals as an example of collective practice in our field. For more information feel free to contact me.

In collaboration with scholar Emma Cocker and artist Bianca Scliar, “Performing the City” is a new book that documents a series of location-based performances and workshops that took place from 2001-2012 in Zagreb and Toronto. The book includes photos and text and will be available for distribution in early 2013.

I was honored to work for the third year in a row as Yvonne Rainer’s Senior Research Assistant at University of California, Irvine. I assisted her in staging her work RoS Indexical Indexical graduate students in art and dance.

I was a guest artist at the Hogschule fur Muzik und Tanz, Cologne where I taught Trio A (1966) to dancers that performed it as part to the opening of Yvonne Rainer’s retrospective Body, Space, Language at the Museum Ludwig.

As part of the event Collecting the Performative at the TATE Modern in London, I gave a lecture on dance presentation and archival practices for a research group of curators from the TATE and van Abbe Museum in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The research network examines emerging models for the conservation and documentation of artists’ performance and draws upon the practices of dance, theatre and activism in order to identify parallels in the concept of a work and related notions of authorship, authenticity, autonomy, documentation, memory, continuity and liveness.

reDANCE continues through 2013 with an anticipated 3-day event at the newly renovated Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam in November 2013. For more information and booking visit:

One of my newest clients is the Los Angeles Metro. I will be continuing to work as Outreach Consultant with their Creative Services Department where I am making recommendations for their tour program and other events. GO METRO!

I will be in residency at Automata, a new gallery space in Chinatown in Los Angeles started by artists Janie Geiser and Susan Simpson. There I will be developing my new solo performance work (Dis)Appearing Acts & (Re)Surfacing Subjects. The residency will conclude with three nights of performances on March 15-17th 2013

After attending a square dance calling workshop at Augusta in Elkins, West Virginia last August, I will be continuing to perfect my square dance calling for all ages in Los Angeles and anywhere the floor space allows and old time music is in reach. Sign up for announcements on the website of the band that I call with: Triple Chicken Foot

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Here is to a great and inspiring new year and I hope to see you at upcoming events!!

Warm wishes,

Sara Wookey, Director

For more information visit: Wookey Works Studio

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