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UCIRA Artist Michael Dahan – Under the Table at Bretton Woods – Saturday May 10th – UC Irvine MFA Thesis Show

UCI MFA 2014, Part II

Dates: May 8 – May 16 2014

Saturday May 10th, 2014 from 2-5pm, with a soft opening on Thursday May 8th, 2014 from 6-9pm

Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Saturday | 12-6 PM

Location: University Art Gallery, UC Irvine

UCIRA Artist Micheal Dahan will present his final MFA Thesis Exhibition is on Saturday May 10 at UC Irvine. Please come to the reception between 2-5pm for drinks and appetizers. There are some great artists in this show, and we will also be having Open Studios that day.

The Department of Art at the University of California, Irvine is pleased to present the thesis exhibitions by the 2014 Master of Fine Art candidates. This represents the culmination of three years of rigorous formal and theoretical study. The twelve candidates will present new work in the areas of photography, painting, sculpture, performance, video and installation.

In Room Gallery, Michael Moshe Dahan presents Under the Table at Bretton Woods, an interdisciplinary sculptural installation through which the Bretton Woods International Monetary Agreement of 1944 is laid bare. Under the Table literally investigates what’s “under the table,” a metaphor for a legacy of financial corruption and deception. However, should one actually look under the table, as the artist did, he or she would encounter the specter of Alexander Rodchenko himself ? figurehead of the aesthetic soviet Avant-Garde ? evoked in the forms of the table’s structural braces. This is all positioned as the repressed scene of the Gold Standard and its inversion in the mythological Trillion Dollar Coin, a socio-aesthetic commentary on the intersection of unregulated art and global economies.*

Heather Delaney’s exhibition Future Past Perfect, is in the UAG. Her series of new works theorize an approach to subjectivity through a series of performative sculptural encounters, and video that deal with relationality, vulnerability, weight, production and consumption. She explores a relationship between suspense, activation, and the body’s core function rooted in time and desire. On May 10, Heather Delaney and Elena Yu will present two performances in the UAG, one at 4pm and one at 5pm.

For his exhibition, Master of Fine Arts, Elan Greenwald painted seven portraits in watercolor of his seven favorite artists, altered photographs of boarding passes saved from past flights, and covered a set of white coveralls in corporate logos bearing his name. The included work broaches a subject not yet adequately addressed in the production of art: artists flying on airplanes. Installed in CAC Gallery, this exhibition will be the site of Greenwald’s thesis review.*

In the back of the CAC Gallery Rochele Gomez presents The Headless Woman, a body of work that uses video and photography to record her actions. By installing objects in her parents? home and presenting representations of this domestic space she sifts through meaning and examines social convention. Suffused with anxiety her actions reveal the dark corners of her mind, the love she has for her family, an awareness of representation, and an uncertainty of how these things work together.

*This program is sponsored by a grant from the University of California Institute for Research in the Arts.

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