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UCIRA Artist Micha Cárdenas curates Many Worlds, Many Times, ARTifact Gallery Spring Exhibition at UCSD

WHAT: Many Worlds, Many Times, ARTifact Gallery Spring Exhibition

WHO: Curated by Micha Cárdenas

CONTACT:, 858-534-1207

WHEN: Opening reception, Wednesday, April 6th, 2011, 6:30-8:30pm
Show dates, April 6th – June 10th, 2011

WHERE: UCSD Pepper Canyon Hall 257

Featuring the work of:

Zach Blas
Sadie Barnette
Ela Boyd
Monica Duncan
Anya Gallaccio
Chris Head
Chris Kardambikis
Frankie Martin
Nira Pereg
Cauleen Smith
Pinar Yoldas

The Culture, Art and Technology (CAT) program at the Sixth College of UCSD is proud to present the new ARTifact gallery exhibition for the Spring 2010 quarter, “Many Worlds, Many Times”, curated by Micha Cárdenas, Interim Associate Director of Art and Technology for Sixth College. The show will feature the work of Sadie Barnette, Zach Blas, Ela Boyd, Monica Duncan, Anya Gallacio, Chris Head, Chris Kardambikis, Frankie Martin, Nira Pereg, Cauleen Smith and Pinar Yoldas. The ARTifact gallery exists as a physical gallery in the CAT core offices as well as an online exhibition space at the CAT website, The gallery acts as an integrated learning laboratory, transforming the working environment of CAT students, staff and faculty into a hybrid space in which contemporary art can be part of the dialog of interdisciplinary undergraduate learning curriculum in Sixth College.

The courses in the Culture, Art and Technology program for Spring 2011 enact a vision of a multiplicity of worlds and times, on many levels: the field science fiction imaginary, phenomenological approaches to time and a world experienced through sound are just a few.

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