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UCIRA Artist Lisa Wymore presents Disappearing Acts*Number Zero*

Smith/Wymore Disappearing Acts*Number Zero* is both a game and an experiment in real-time computer augmented performance. This semi-improvised dance is about a semi-intelligent computer system threatening to evolve itself into a space opera, aka: a television inspired sci-fi narrative about a defective computer system taking control over a band of humans. Set in a near future world that is only marginally different from our own, the dance continuously reconstructs itself anew, searching in vain for the perfect balance of human contentment and computer power. The participants (performers) find themselves trapped in a kind of limbo where the only hope is to win over the “heart” of the machine by successfully completing the system’s bizarre set of games of mental, physical and spiritual endurance. The work is comical, bleak and completely unpredictable. All we know for sure is that no two performances will ever be alike.

Created by Sheldon B. Smith, Lisa Wymore and Ian Heisters in collaboration with the performers.
Performers: James Graham, Ian Smith-Heisters, Pei-Ling Kao, Sheldon B. Smith, and Lisa Wymore

June 20,  21 @ 8 PM
June 22  @ 7 PM

1310 Mission St, San Francisco, CA

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