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UCIRA Artist Kelsey Brannan launches Labor of Love Project

UCIRA Artist Kelsey Brannan launches her documentary thesis and web-based archive project about lesbian space in D.C., Labor of Love, and its fundraising campaign with Start Some Good.

In order for her fundraising campaign to continue she needs more pledges (of any amount) from donors. Anyone can pledge an amount with this link:

The film’s website will also be where visitors can read more about the project and listen to women talk about lesbian spaces in D.C. This project is important to our history here in D.C. Thank you for your support!

About The Film
Labor of Love, the documentary, follows the DC Women’s Initiative on their journey to create a new safe and welcoming space for the DC area’s diverse women of the LGBTQ community and their allies in March 2013. The space will connect existing organizations and serve a resource for women to find eachother. While following the Initiative’s meetings and day-to-day actions, the documentary will also feature historical vignettes of previously existing lesbian organizations, such as the Gay Women’s Alternative 1981-1993, Sisterspace, and Lammas Bookstore (1980 – 2000). These vignettes will how how important these spaces are for the foundation of LGBT existence in D.C. today. Clips from the interviews will appear on the project’s website for viewers to listen to and reflect upon prior to the fim’s premiere in March 2013.

Why It’s Important
The film hopes to build a future that remembers the past and bring generations together to understand the challenges and struggles women have faced sustaining ’safe’ space in an urban environment. By having leaders and members of the DC LGBT community, from both past and present, reflect and (re)tell their stories about creating lesbian civic organization, they will not only better understand their place, both physically and culturally in the community, but the challenges and successes’ they have face throughout the process. And, more importantly, the film itself will help promote the launch of the D.C. Women’s Initiative space in March 2013.

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