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UCIRA Artist jesikah maria ross presents Restore/Restory Project Debut This Saturday

Event Details

When: October 20, 2012, 12-6pm

Location: Cache Creek Nature Preserve, Woodland, CA

A message from the artist:

I’m thrilled to invite you to the debut and showcase of my latest collaborative multimedia documentary project, Restore/Restory: A People’s History of the Cache Creek Nature Preserve.   Restore/Restory is a project of the UC Davis Art of Regional Change in collaboration with the Cache Creek Conservancy.

R/R involved over 200 Yolo County residents in collecting interviews, images, maps, testimonies, and documents that speak to our diverse and changing demographics, traditions, and uses of land and water.   The stories and images have been compiled into a site-based audio tour of the Preserve and an interactive website featuring a storymap, digital murals, the audio tour, and an image based historical timeline.   The various media elements and project website will be unveiled this Saturday, Oct. 20th from 12:00 – 6:00 at the Cache Creek Nature Preserve.  In many ways, the Cache Creek Nature Preserve is a microcosm of California and in telling it’s story we are telling the larger narrative of California’s dynamic cultural and environmental heritage. For directions, a schedule of the many activities, and more event info visit here.

I hope you can make this celebration event that features a wide array of activities to engage with the people’s stories, media artwork and the Preserve.    Please share this e-flyer with your networks.

Schedule of Activities:

All activities are led by project participants and feature stories generated through the Restore/Restory project.   Talk to folks at the Welcome Booth for directions to any of the activity locations.

Multimedia Exhibit, 12:00 – 3:00 and 4:30 – 6:00  Historic BarnExplore Restore/Restory on the big screen!  Learn more about the project, navigate the on-line maps and murals, and select stories you want to hear.   Then head to the media kiosks to share your ideas and experiences.  Tim Kerbavaz and Janaki Jangannath will be your docents; both were undergraduate student media producers who recorded and edited a selection of the project stories.

Basketweaving Presentation, 12:00 – 3:00                                                Basketry Booth

Meet local basket weavers, see weaving demonstrations, and learn more about Native Californian traditions by hearing stories about the Preserve’s Tending & Gathering Garden.   Presented by Bertha Mitchell, Kathy Wallace, and Ardith Read.  Ms. Mitchell is recognized as a master weaver and teaches Wintun language classes at Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation.   Ms. Wallace teaches California Native history and culture at San Francisco State University and advocates for California’s native people, plants and traditional gathering areas. Ms. Read is an artist and teaches basketweaving.

Exploring the Tending & Gathering Garden, 12:30 & 1:30            Basketry Booth

Take a guided walk through a garden created by local Native people to grow materials used in Native Californian art, medicine and daily life.   Led by Christopher Gardener and Ardith Read (see above).  Mr. Gardener is the Habitat Restoration Manager for the Cache Creek Conservancy and implements restoration projects along a 15-mile stretch of Cache Creek.

Audio Tours, 1:00, 2:00, & 4:30                                                                        Welcome Booth

Explore diverse habitats while listening to stories of Yolo County’s peoples, their traditions and relationships to the land.   Audio devices & headphones provided.  Tours take about 45 minutes. Led by Kathryn Hayes, a lecturer in environmental science at California State University, Sacramento and PhD student at UC Davis in place-based environmental education.

Nature & Culture Walks, 1:00, 2:00, & 4:30                                                 Activity CenterHead out to a unique habitat on the Preserve and hear stories about that area from a diverse team of guides.  Each walk takes about 45 minutes. The 1:00 walk is to the restored wetlands led by Ann Brice and Michael Smith. Ms. Brice is the Co-Executive Director of the Yolo Basin Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to educating the public about Central Valley wetlands and wildlife. Mr. Smith is a Senior Lecturer in the American Studies Program at UC Davis.

The 2:00 walk goes to Cache Creek and is guided by Tim Horner and Laurie Glover. Mr. Horner is a Professor in the Geology Department at California State University, Sacramento and specializes in river restoration projects in Northern California.  Laurie Glover teaches in the University Writing Program at UC Davis and recently co-authored of On The Road California, a historical guide with travel narrative interruptions.

The 4:30 walk heads out to the oak savannah and is led by Sally Barrett and Wyatt Cline.  Ms. Barrett is a landscape architect and member of the Cache Creek Conservancy Board of Directors.  Mr. Cline ranches 600 acres in the Capay Valley and enjoys sharing Native Californian traditions and his passion for land with youth and adults alike.

Youth Activities, 1:00, 2:00, 3:00                                                                        Activity CenterJoin a fun, hands-on exploration of the natural environment. At 1:00 we’ll explore leaves and trees, at 2:00 we’ll head to the creek to find insects and at 3:00 we’ll learn about riparian mammal and their tracks.   Designed for ages 6 – 14. Led by Fred Vanderwold, Education Specialist and Board Member of the Cache Creek Conservancy.

Story Circle, 1:00 – 2:30                                                                                    AmphitheaterShare your experiences and hear those of your neighbors.  What brought you to Yolo County?  What keeps you here?  What are your favorite nature spots?  Drop by to talk and stay as long as you’d like.  Led by Tara Zagofsky, who specializes in group-facilitation with multicultural communities throughout California.

Educator’s Roundtable, 2:00                                                                        Visitor’s CenterMeet up with other area teachers to learn about the project and share ideas for how to use project media in the classroom.   Handouts provided!  Facilitated by Jennifer Cook Sterling, a fourth grade teacher with a passion for teaching children about the social, political, and natural history of their state.

Project Hootenanny 3:00 – 4:30                                                                        Historic Barn

The highlight of the event!  Come hear guest speakers play their favorite project stories and talk about how these stories make a difference in our communities.  Listen to live music, enjoy snacks and share your stories with new friends.  Speakers include:

W      jesikah maria ross, Director, Restore/RestoryProject

W      Joe Lambert, Founding Director, Center for Digital Storytelling

W      Jannaki Jaganneth, Youth Organizer, Cooperative Food Empowerment Initiative

W      Mary Kimball, Director, Center for Land-Based Learning

W      Beth Rose Middleton, Assistant Professor, Native American Studies, UC Davis

W      Fernando Moreno, Community Media Activist, Davis Media Access Center

W      Isao Fujimoto, Senior Lecturer, Community & Regional Development, UC Davis

For more information visit:

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