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UCIRA Artist Elizabeth Stephens presents Art and the Biosphere: Systems in Action at UC Santa Cruz, March 3 & March 5

March 3rd, 2014 5-7pm
Visiting Artist Kathelin Gray
Lecture & Discussion
Location: DARC 306 (Light Lab), UC Santa Cruz

March 5th, 2014 5-7:30pm
Art and the Biosphere: Systems in Action
Location: Porter Faculty Gallery (D222), UC Santa Cruz

This panel will explore many aspects of art as a means of engaging systems and ecological thinking across multiple forms. Together we will discuss and explore how art and science weave together powerful narratives of seeing and understanding the world. The visions and work of our panelists may seem at times to occupy the outer edges of the systems that we now live and work within. At times they may even seem utopian. But it is precisely this kind of work and long range vision that holds some hope of shifting the precarious direction(s) in which we, as central and destructive players within of a much larger web of life, are headed. Join us as we think about how these artists and theoreticians use systems thinking and practices to explore, create and expand notions, not only of art but of the world within which we live. We are honored to have Kathelin Gray with us as a Porter Visiting Artist fresh from renovating the Heraclitus in Spain. This panel will also feature Ralph Abraham, Frank Galuszka, Helen & Newton Harrison. Beth Stephens will moderate. There will be a reception following panel.

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