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UCIRA Artist Dee Hibbert-Jones named BAVC Media Maker Fellow

UCIRA Artist Dee Hibbert-Jones named BAVC Media Maker Fellow for her UCIRA funded project ‘Living Condition’. Living Condition a is a cross platform animated documentary that tells the stories of three families living with a relative condemned to execution. Each family bears witness to highly politicized events told in their own words, revealing a perspective rarely heard. These testimonies exist in multiple states: as pure fact, unreliable evidence, eroded memories, pleas, defenses, traumatic re-visitations and apologies. The animation blends hand-drawn talking heads with imaginary landscapes of memory, slowed passages and circular storytelling into a symbolic language of trauma, violence and shame. Living Condition will be manifested as a single channel documentary animated film; a series of short webisodes focusing on the political content of these narratives, and a multi-channel installation that investigates the manifestations of trauma within each story. Dee’s project partner is Nomi Talisman.


Congratulations, Dee!

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