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UCIRA Announces Awardees for the April 15th, 2014 Grant Deadlines

UCIRA is pleased to announce the grantees of the Graduate Arts Grant, Major Grant, Open Classroom Grant, and Mini-Grant categories from the April 15th, 2014 deadline:


1. Tanja Geis (UCB) – “Wildfjords Artist Residency” (WFAR)
2. Andreas Leonardson (UCSD) – “Scacciapensieri: The banisher of thought”
3. Jane Mi (UCLA) – “Transaqueous”
4. Sam Mitchell (UCSD) – “The All Tribes Dance Residency and Outreach Program”

MAJOR GRANTS (Writing & Performance Practice and Research):

1. Michael Dresser/Mark Dessen (UCSD) (Performance Practice and Research) – “Changing Tides: Telematic Translocational Music”
2. Nalo Hopkinson(UCR) (Writing) – “Nancy Jack: a graphic novel-in-progress”. Writer: Nalo Hopkinson. Artist: John Jennings.
3. Grant Kester (UCSD) (Writing) – “Field journal”
4. Josy Miller/Peter Lichentfeld (UCD)(Performance Practice and Research) – “ITDP” in Edinburgh
5. Bryan Reynolds (UCI) (Performance Practice and Research) – “Nabi Saleh”
6. Yolande Snaith (UCSD) (Performance Practice and Research) – “Measuring the Dream”
7. Connie Samaras (UCI) (Writing) – “Edge of Twilight (Manifestos)/ Letters of James Tiptree Jr and Joanna Russ” (Tip and Jo)
8. Elizabeth Stevens (UCSC) (Performance Practice and Research) – “Pollination”
9. Eddo Stern (UCLA) (Writing) – “Vietnam Romance”
10. Darryl Taylor (UCI) (Performance Practice and Research) – “Recording 12 Solo Cantatas” by Rosanna Scalfi Marcello
11. John Weber (UCSC) (Performance Practice and Research) – “A Collective Museum” Artist Residency


1. Hirsch Perlman (UCLA) – “Art 170; Special Topics: Further Afield Research”
2. Lindsay Lindberg (UCLA) – “VAPAE Afterschool Studio Sessions”
3. Susan Ossman (UCR) – “From Art to Ethnography: Experiments in Collaborative Fieldwork”
4. Risa Brainin (UCSB) – “LAUNCH PAD: New Plays in Process, a pilot course”


1. Ramadimetse Shoba (UCLA) – “Dear Pearl”
2. Refik Anadol (UCLA) – “Ethereal Architecture as a Canvas / Light as a Material”
3. Jennifer Bewerse (UCSD) – “Sympathetic Magic: Exploring Novicehood as a Musical Resource”
4. Silvie Deutsch (UCI) – “Lines Grow Everywhere”
5. Elias Heller (UCI) – “Infinite Boundaries Art Exhibition”
6. Irene Lusztig (UCSC) – “the questions outnumber the answers”
7. Mattia Ferroni (UCI) – “The Art of the Wig Maker”
8. Christopher Pilafian (UCSB) – “Costumes for Santa Barbara Dance Theater’s New Project, Chaotic Attractor”
9. Larry Polansky (UCSC) – “Mini-Festival of ASL Poetry/Performance”
10. Ava Porter (UCSD) – “Base”
11. Alice Wang (UCSB) – “Dead-light”

For more in-depth descriptions of these projects, please visit:

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