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UCIRA announces 2011-2012 Grantees

The University of California Institute for Research in the Arts is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2011-2012 UCIRA grants.

Visual Arts Practice and Research
- Renny Pritikin (UC Davis): $5,000 for Sixteen Birds: Installation by Chico MacMurtrie
This project is an exhibition of inflatable compressed-air-driven kinetic sculpture, titled Sixteen Birds, by Amorphic Robot Works, the organization of artist Chico MacMurtrie, at the UC Davis Nelson Gallery in the fall of 2011.  UC Irvine’s Beale Gallery, dedicated to innovations in visual art practice from a digital point of view, has commissioned artist Chico MacMurtrie to install work in its gallery from February 2011 through early May of 2011. Following that, the show will travel to UC Davis’s Nelson Gallery from September 2011 until December 2011. While requested funds will support the exhibition at UC Davis, the project as a whole is a collaboration between the two UC museums.

- John Jota Leanos (UC Santa Cruz): $10,000 for Frontera! Animated Histories of the Southwest Borderlands
Frontera! Animated Histories of the Southwest Borderlands animates the complex social history southwest borderlands of the United States along four major river systems – the Río Grande, the Colorado, the Mississippi and the Sacramento Rivers – through musical documentary animation. Laced together with a musical narrative approach sung by a chorus of contemporary Mariachi, the program is animated with hand-drawn characters, maps, graphic “assets” that reference Pre-Colombian art, Native American iconography, Spanish world maps, European engravings and more. The computer animation and motion graphics document critical, but marginalized moments in the long history of a contested border region offering new perspectives on issues of immigration, nationhood and the formation of the southwest borderlands of the United States, a region of vast cultural exchange, conviviality and cohabitation, but also one marred by violence and trauma spanning over 500 years.

- Rickerby Hinds (UC Riverside): $5,000 for BUCKWORLD
BUCKWORLD tackles the age-old question of our existence in the universe from the individual to the relationship between fathers and sons to our search for God. This production tells this expansive story through Krump Dance, spoken word, and historical video footage in a multi-media presentation. Funds are provided to develop a presentation schedule for the work.

Emerging Fields
- Sharon Daniel (UC Santa Cruz): $10,000 for Golden Rule
Golden Rule will bring the voices of students, teachers, parents, lawyers, police, legislators, judges, and juvenile prisoners together within an installation of inscribed artifacts and performative video interviews linked to an online archive of related sounds, images and texts that, together, will constitute a collective critique of the school-to-prison-pipeline.

- Patrick Anderson (UC San Diego): $10,000 for Art Inclusion: Disability, Design, Curation
A one-week residency for 6 artists and 10-12 graduate students (at least one from each UC campus), to be held at the UCHRI in June 2012, with daily workshops on disability and access in the arts, as well as a final day of public presentations and performances.

- Dee Hibbert Jones (UC Santa Cruz): $10,000 for Living Condition
Living Condition is an animated, experimental documentary film, created through collaborations with three families: using experimental imagery and hand rendered animations the film tells the testimonies, memories and methods these families use to cope with the psychological and emotional trauma of capital execution.

- Tyler Stallings (UC Riverside): $10,000 for Free Enterprise: The Art of Citizen Space Exploration
Free Enterprise: The Art of Citizen Space Exploration will be the first contemporary art exhibition in the U.S. to explore implications of civilian access to the orbit and beyond and the major political and cultural shift away from sponsorship by the federal government toward a free-market, private enterprise model of space exploration. Funds are requested to support the book that will accompany the exhibition.

- David Familian (UC Irvine):  $10,000 for Black Box Projects
Black Box Projects is an initiative focusing on the research and development of responsive environments, installations and sculptures by artists who will work collaboratively with various UC Irvine research departments.  This initiative will provide selected artists with an opportunity to have access to the latest knowledge to further their own practice, while allowing the Beall Center to exhibit highest caliber work and to function more as a research center for experimental media arts.

- Shannon Jackson (UC Berkeley): $15,000 for Art+Neighborhood
Art+Neighborhood examines the ecology of three Bay Area arts districts in order to explore alternatives to the ‘gentrification’ discourse that currently dominates arguments for the role of the arts in neighborhood vitalization. The project will bring together artists, policy-makers, UC scholars and civic organizers to think through the issue and propose next steps.

- Adam Tinkle (UC San Diego): $12,500 for The Universal Language Orchestra of Spring Valley, CA
The Universal Language Orchestra is a new performing ensemble of 8-12 year olds, lead by a team from the UCSD Department of Music.  By collaborating with the students on the development of the compositions and strategies for improvisation inspired by environmental sounds and a number of non-western music traditions, we aim to develop a new musical language situated in the culture and landscape of Southern California.

- Teddy Cruz (UC San Diego): $5,000 for the mobile conference Political Equator III
Political Equator III is a 3-day cross-border mobile conference and community forum held in June 2011. The third program in a series of bi-national conferences, PE III continues to engage pressing regional socio-economic, urban and environmental conditions across the San Diego – Tijuana border. These meetings have been focusing on a critical analysis of local conflicts in order to re-evaluate the meaning of shifting global dynamics, across geo-political boundaries, natural resources and cultural demographics. Attracting an international roster of artists, architects, environmentalists, scholars, community activists and politicians, PE III will focus on The Neighborhood as a Site of Production, investigating practices in the arts, architecture, science and the humanities that work with peripheral neighborhoods worldwide where conditions of social and economic emergency are inspiring new ways of thinking and doing across institutions of urban development and public culture.

- David White, Jessica Sledge, Stephanie Lie (UC San Diego): $5,000 for There Goes the Neighborhood
There Goes the Neighborhood is a four-day event that takes place within a specific neighborhood in San Diego called North Park. This neighborhood is generally viewed as having undergone ‘revitalization’ through the establishment of an ‘arts district’ approximately ten years ago. Currently this revitalization has given way to gentrification and many of the existing small businesses are being displaced by a new influx of trendy upscale nightclubs and restaurants, as so often happens in areas designated as cultural districts. There Goes The Neighborhood uses performance, dialogue and research strategies to open a site of public discourse around these contentious issues. It also examines alternative strategies of site-specific cultural production through ephemeral practices, such as performance, in conjunction with research into the conditions of how the present state of this mid-city urban environment came to be.

- Shannon Jackson (UC Berkeley): $10,000 for Art+Time
Art+Time will convene artists, scholars, educators, arts administrators, presenters and curators from within and outside the UC system to produce symposia, a publication, an on-line archive, and curatorial experiments. It represents an an ongoing research investigation the blurring boundary between performance and visual art, and how this inter-penetration impacts the creation, presentation, and reception of new work.

- Brennan Gerard and Ryan Kelly (UC Los Angeles): $5,000 for Work and Play: How the Art World Performs
Work and Play: How the Art World Performs convenes at the UCLA Department of Art a working group of internationally recognized artists, writers and curators invested in performance-based practices in the visual art field for a three-day workshop and parallel platform of public events, discussions, and performances.

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