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UC SOTA #2: Prepping for fall; Labor Unions; UCSD Police; Online Ed and Efficiency

“UC SOTA #2: Prepping for fall; Labor Unions; UCSD Police; Online Ed and Efficiency”

Dear friends of UCIRA,

Over the course of this summer we’ve launched a new initiative to help our efforts to network and promote cross fertilization across the UC system. Our new publishing initiative UC State of the Arts (SOTA) is an irregular publication, taking place primarily online at

We started publishing content on the theme of “Public Ed and the Public Good” which you can read more about here) starting in July. So this project is still new and needs your input. Please let us know what you think and if you have ideas for content.

Several of the pieces this month are part of our interview project “Q&A.” Q&A is an irregular series on SOTA which will pose a question to a small group of faculty, staff or students from different campuses and compile their responses. If you would like to respond to the question, please do so in the comments section of the posted responses.

This month we have posted the following, recapped here for your convenience:

  • Ken Ehrlich, Marc Herbst, Peter Krapp, Brett Stalbaum, and Fred Lonidier respond to a Q&A about what challenges do people need to be preparing for, thinking about as the school year begins?
  • An interview with UCSD’s Fred Lonidier, (President of UC-AFT San Diego Local 2034 and photography professor) about organized labor and art.
  • “Why I made a formal statement to the UCSD Police” by UCSD faculty Brett Stalbaum.
  • Responses to a Q&A about online education within the UC arts from Peter Krapp (UCI) and Brett Stalbaum (UCSD)
  • Peter Krapp (UCI) and Brett Stalbaum (UCSD) respond to the question: “Q: How are you balancing the need for efficiency in your programs with the recognition that the arts cannot fit into an efficiency model?”

Please share these articles with your colleagues, or post to social networks.

If you are interested in contributing to SOTA please contact editor Daniel Tucker at

Good luck gearing up for an exciting school year!

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