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UC Santa Barbara Receives $1.75 Million for English Department

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The University of California, Santa Barbara has announced a pledge of $1.75 million from alumnus John Arnhold and his wife, Jody, to help support the university’s English department.

The latest gift from the Arnholds to the department will support existing initiatives and establish the Arnhold Endowment for Excellence in English, which will fund courses, projects, and programs that support the undergraduate research experience, graduate student training, postdoctoral teaching fellows, and curricular advancements. To enhance its core major, the department will use the gift for an array of endeavors that may include a series of small seminars and collaborative project classes, new pedagogical formats and instructional technologies, competitively awarded teaching fellowships for graduate students, and special research funds for undergraduates.

Chair and chief investment officer of New York City-based First Eagle Investment Management, Arnhold is a member of the New York committee of the $1 billion Campaign for U.C. Santa Barbara and an incoming trustee of the UCSB Foundation.

“What’s so crucial about such funding is that it gives programs the flexibility to innovate and do things for the students, faculty, and staff that they would not be able to do otherwise,” said Alan Liu, a UCSB English professor who chaired the department through June. “It’s crucial to retaining people in the department, at the faculty and graduate level, and to bringing in bright students to the undergrad program. You need to give them opportunities to grow in new directions, and these kinds of gifts allow us to do that.”

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