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UC San Diego Presents a Talk with Shane Ward

when: 2014-11-20, starts at 3:30pm
where: UC San Diego, Visual Arts Presentation Lab at the Structural and Materials Engineering Bldg (SME) #149 9500 Gilman Dr, La Jolla, California 92093

The Visual Arts Department Experimental Sculpture and Painting Studio (ESPS) Initiative presents a talk with Artist Shane Ward

Shane Ward’s sculptural practice has been dedicated to themes of war and romance, capital and masculinity, violence and depth, surface luster and value. His work pursues the relationship between the grave and the monument, the mine and jewelry box, the wound and the mend. His most recent work is a sustained inquiry into the nature of victory, its relationship to liberty and its ultimate fragility. He has an MFA from the University of Chicago. The artist lives and works in Chicago, IL.

About ESPS

The Experimental Sculpture and Painting Studio, SME #201
Led by Visual Arts Professors Anya Gallaccio and Ruben Ortiz Torres

‘ESP Studio’ (coincidentally ‘extra sensory perception’) is a space to work on small to large-scale experimental sculpture, unconventional structures and fabrication methods, explorations into new materials and applications, painting and active surfaces, and models, all towards a broad view of making. The studio supports long and short term production of Visual Arts faculty, MFA and PhD Practice students, guest artists, and materials research collaborators, creating a corridor with projects that are utilizing the integrated spaces of the Visual Arts Fabrication Lab, materials studios and other production labs at SME/VAF, and working in conversation with the Materials Culture Initiative. It is a space where one could work with new and composite materials, 3D technologies, and any traditional or hybridized medium, drawing, painting/active surfaces, clay, carving, fiber, natural objects and materials, found object assemblage, vernacular constructions, craft, any sculptural or material making that might intersect even momentarily with some of the advanced tools, new materials or research in the building in novel ways.

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Image courtesy of Artist Shane Ward.

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