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UC Los Angeles Presents: UC Los Angeles Presents: LASER Symposium, November 6

when: 2014-11-06, starts at 7pm - 9pm
where: LASER will be held in the presentation space adjacent to the Art|Sci Gallery on the 5th floor of the California Nanosystems Institute (CNSI) at UCLA.

The Art|Sci center is proud to announce the speakers for our upcoming LASER on THURSDAY, November 6th, from 7–9 p.m!

LASER will follow the opening of The Secret Life of Birds, a sound art project born out of the multi-year collaboration of director Victoria Vesna and evolutionary biologist Dr. Charles Taylor. Aimed at understanding the language of birds, this special exhibition is based on the NSF sponsored research, “Mapping Acoustic Sensor Array of Bird Communication Networks.” Read more about the project here.

Speakers will include BIRDS collaborators artist-inventor-professor Aisen Caro Chacin, sound and media artist Joel Ong, and Charles Taylor, researcher and professor of evolutionary biology at UCLA. Joining the them will be Allison Carruth, professor of English at UCLA whose recent projects include the collaborative public art event/initiative Play the LA River, professor of Reparative Materials at Kyoto University Hiroo Iwata, professor of radiology, medical physics, and the comprehensive cancer center from the University of Chicago Kenji Suzuki, and John Brumley, graduate student in Design Media Arts.

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