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UC DAVIS Summer Abroad Program: Art Studio in Paris and the French Riviera

Arrive Date: 6/23/2012 End Date: 7/21/2012


In this program students will explore the French countryside, architecture and art by drawing and painting on site and in churches and museums. Live models will also offer work from the figure. The classes will first live and work in a beautiful estate with a chateau that resembles a medieval castle, situated on a sandy beach overlooking the Mediterranean. We will be working from the figure as well as the landscape that inspired the Impressionists and Post Impressionist painters. There will be field trips to Nice, Antibes and Aix. We will then move to Paris where we will have access to its rich store of painting, sculpture and architecture, visiting such museums as the Louvre and the Musee d’Orsay. Classes will focus on fundamental issues of form, color, light and space. Students will work on paper or boards with drawing materials and acrylic paints.

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