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UC Davis presents: Special Event @ Arts Silicon Valley Fair October 9-12

when: 2014-10-10, starts at 11am to 9pm
where: San Mateo County Event Center Expo Hall 1346 Saratoga Drive San Mateo, CA 94403

The Invitation
Organized by Tim Hyde
Assistant Professor
University of California Davis / Art Studio

UC Davis Art Studio presents an exhibition juxtaposing two new large-scale projects
designed to galvanize conversation and collaboration between artists, designers,
scientists, writers, curators, academics, entrepreneurs, and the art public
during and after Art Silicon Valley/San Francisco.

The Invitation is a series of photographs produced in 2014 as
interdisciplinary collaborations within the UC Davis art community and
outside professionals making significant contributions to their field. Each
work is produced from discussions, studio visits, and correspondence
between two researchers. Separate and distinct fields of inquiry are
crystallized into a single picture. The exchange reveals a cross section of
investigations underway at UC Davis, interpreted visually. The picture is
the conversation.

Hexagon/Pentagon is a sculpture produced by The Skull Sessions, an
ongoing collaborative project by Andrea Galvani and Tim Hyde. The
modular system is alive and in flux, and can be continuously reconfigured
to facilitate conversations in the space of the exhibition. For Art Silicon
Valley/San Francisco, the sculpture is a locus for planned and spontaneous
actions initiated by the UC Davis Art Studio faculty over the three days of
the fair. Get a drink, skip the pleasantries, and join us at the table.

The Fair takes place at the San Mateo County Event Center in San Mateo, conveniently located at the crossroads of U.S. 101 and CA 92 freeways and just 10 minutes south of San Francisco International Airport.

San Mateo County Event Center
Expo Hall
1346 Saratoga Drive
San Mateo, CA 94403

General admission hours
Friday October 10, 11am-9pm
Saturday, October 11, 11am-8pm
Sunday, October 12, 11am-6pm

1-day pass $25
Multi-day pass $40
Students 12-18 and Seniors $15
Children under 12 with adult free
Groups 10 or more $15

For additional information, please visit:

Youngsuk Suh, Chair, Art Studio Program
Mobile: +1 (617) 780-6040

Department of Art and Art History

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