The University of California Institute for Research in the Arts supports embedded arts research through critical exchange

UC Artist Publishing Opportunities

UC Artists are encouraged to submit work and/or arts writing for consideration in the following two journals:
-BOOM: A Journal of California. A new, cross-disciplinary publication that explores the history, culture, arts, politics, and society of California, Boom will publish quarterly, with its debut issue in March 2011. Published by University of California Press, this magazine-format, highly visual journal will feature scholars, independent writers, and community and civic activists engaging the most pressing issues of the day. For more information, visit:
-Public: A Journal of Imagining America will promote the documentation, evaluation, investigation, and analysis of theories and practices integrating arts and culture in public partnerships. Of central concern will be cross-sector collaborations that involve diverse participants and disciplines, and respond to critical issues in local, regional, national, and international contexts. It will be published by Syracuse University Press. Featuring scholarly and artistic artifacts that capture the multidisciplinary nature of actual projects and draw on a vast array of ideas, we will welcome submissions in multiple media—from sound and moving image to interactive presentations to written formats. Public will serve as an archive and a periodical presentation of contributions, building a body of knowledge and creatively maintaining dialogue between current and past work. For more information, visit:

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