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U.S. House Prepares to Eliminate Arts Education‏

Write your U.S. House Representative Today!

American for the Arts call on arts advocates to contact their House Representative through their customizable e-alert and request that they oppose HR 1891 because it seeks to terminate the critical federal support directed to arts education. Arts to Grow supporting American for the Arts call on action; we are inviting everyone who understands the importance of arts education in schools to participate in this Action Alert.

On May 25, 2011 the House Education & Workforce Committee, by a vote of 23-16, approved HR 1891, legislation that terminates 42 federal education programs, including the Arts in Education program at the U.S. Department of Education. This bill is more serious than the annual funding measures that threaten to de-fund arts education, as HR 1891 permanently strips policy language out of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) that allows the Arts in Education program to be funded each year.

“Setting New Priorities in Education Spending Act” (HR 1891) was introduced for the purpose of terminating 43 existing federal education programs, including Arts in Education. The Arts in Education program currently funds 57 active education projects around the country, and to date has supported more than 210 competitive grants serving students in high-need schools, as well as the affiliates of the Kennedy Center and VSA arts education programs.

The Arts in Education program also provides critical federal leadership in supporting a well-rounded curriculum throughout our nation’s public schools.

Contact your Member of Congress through American for the Arts’s customizable e-alert and request that they oppose HR 1891.

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