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This Month (November 2013) @ UC San Diego Visual Arts

THIS MONTH November 2013

On Campus

Timing is Everything
Running until December 6
University Art Gallery, Mandeville Center

This exhibition explores the ways that built space situates us in time through phases of a conversation between moving images, photographs, and text. Over the course of eight weeks, video installations are rotated into the gallery. On November 15 Uriel Orlow’s Remnants of the Future / Plans for the Past will rotate into the exhibition. In addition to the evolving video installations the gallery showcases The Exhibition of a Necessary Incompleteness, a constant exhibition of photos, text, and videos by Joseph Redwood-Martinez. Timing is Everything is curated by Michelle Y. Hyun.

Running until January 16
Visual Arts Gallery, SME Building

The UC San Diego Department of Visual Arts and Discursive and Curatorial Productions Initiative are pleased to present SUBTERRANEA, a group exhibition curated by Ph.D. Students, Melinda Guillen and Elizabeth D. Miller. Featuring the work of Sam Durant, Haris Epaminoda, Christipher Kardamibikis, Gordon Matta-Clark, and Dominic Paul Miller. The exhibition explores the literal and figurative conceptions of the underground in the areas of video, photography, sculpture, and works on paper.

Running until January 30
gallery@calit2, Atkinson Hall

The exhibition AUTONOMOUS is the brain-child of Professor and Chair of the Department of Visual Arts, Jordan Crandall. The exhibition functions as a test site for interdisciplinary experimentation and creative research while exploring what autonomy means in an age when technology is radically transforming the ability of objects and even ideas to have a life of their own. AUTONOMOUS features works from a dozen artists and researchers that approach autonomy in different ways. Some of the installations are interactive, while others are not. Some of the works are by dyed-in-the-wool artists while other originated in the minds of scientists and technologists.


November 14, 5-7pm
Reception and Performative Talk

Lisa Glauer has been crossing two apparently conflicting fields: (human) milk as drawing material(invisible ink), usually signifying care, love, growth, possibly dependence, and often fascinating and beautifully rendered historical utopian imagery, particularly from the field of engineering. For the residency in the Experimental Drawing Studio, she will use human milk purchased online in San Diego and technological imagery from the border area. The “invisible” drawings using human milk are publicly ironed so that when the milk burns, smelling sweetly, it becomes visible.

November 12-15, 12pm – 5pm
Mandeville Annex Gallery

Undergraduate Tim Wang produces work that attempts to dehumanize the viewer, yet at the same time anthropomorphize the virtual. A dependency on technology augments the senses and eliminates individuality, and has changed the very notion of physical and psychological perception. Through an integration of human and technical visual/sonic apparatuses, he strives to blend the concepts of human/machine, perfection (or the possibility thereof), and true/virtual reality, all within a broader societal and globalized context. Through his hybrid practice of computing, sculpture, and installation, he hopes to provoke worthwhile contemplation of the accelerating integration of humanity and technology, aesthetic and otherwise.

In the Community

Visual Arts Alumni at the San Diego Asian Film Festival (SDAFF)
November 8, UCSD Alumni Night at SDAFF
November 7-17, SDAFF
UCSD Alumni will be hosting a special event on campus that features a panel with the three visual arts alumni that created Wong Fu Productions. The evening includes a screening of Raskal Love by visual arts alumnus Byron Q., followed by an after party that celebrates Wong Fu Production’s 10 years of success. SDAFF will take place in venues throughout San Diego and the Alumni Night will take place on campus at the Price Center and Loft.

Recent MFA Alumnus Noah Doely Presents a Solo Exhibition at SDMA
Noah Doely: By the Light, Running until Feb. 25
SDMA, 1450 El Prado San Diego

Noah Doely’s photographs create environments that urge the viewer to reconsider their own place within history and their relationship to the subject matter. In his most recent body of photographs, Doely uses caves as the source of inspiration and plays with the dramatization of light through the use of a pinhole camera. The caves are made by the artist “I began by making molds of aquatic rocks, casting them, and then reconstructing them into various formations. Next, I placed these constructions inside a glass tank and filled it with water. Using a single light source, I then directed light into this space. By changing this beam’s intensity, shape and direction, I was essentially sculpting with light.”

Alumni and MFA Candidate featured in CARRIED AWAY
Opening Reception, November 8, 6:30 – 8:30 pm
November 9 – December 28
La Jolla Athenaeum, Rotunda Gallery
1008 Wall St.

MFA Alumni Joe Yorty and Jessica Sledge and MFA Candidate Emily Grenader are featured in CARRIED AWAY. The artists present a visual response to the the Athenaeum’s collections. Each artist brings their own style and interpretation to the exhibition. Yorty’s art practice is reflective of his interest in second hand shopping. Sledge works in several mediums and integrates drawing and photography as a daily part of her practice. Grenader’s pieces present public crowds through explorations in painting and video.

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