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David White, Jessica Sledge, & Stephanie Lie: There Goes the Neighborhood

David White, Jessica Sledge, Stephanie Lie (UC San Diego): Art+Exchange Implementation Grant
There Goes the Neighborhood is a four-day event that takes place within a specific neighborhood in San Diego called North Park. This neighborhood is generally viewed as having undergone ‘revitalization’ through the establishment of an ‘arts district’ approximately ten years ago. Currently this revitalization has given way to gentrification and many of the existing small businesses are being displaced by a new influx of trendy upscale nightclubs and restaurants, as so often happens in areas designated as cultural districts. There Goes The Neighborhood uses performance, dialogue and research strategies to open a site of public discourse around these contentious issues. It also examines alternative strategies of site-specific cultural production through ephemeral practices, such as performance, in conjunction with research into the conditions of how the present state of this mid-city urban environment came to be. (2010 event info) (Photos from 2010 event)

2012 event takes place May 31-June 3 in San Diego (UCSD, North Park, Balboa Park, downtown)

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