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The UC San Diego Visual Arts Department and Discursive and Curatorial Productions Initiative present SUBTERRANEA

sam durant | haris epaminonda | christopher kardambikis | gordon matta-clark | dominic paul miller

When: October 10, 2013 – January 16, 2014
Opening Reception: October 10, 2013, 6 – 9 pm
Closing Reception & UnWeave Issue Launch: January 16, 2014, 6 – 9 pm

Location: Visual Arts Gallery | Structural & Materials Engineering Building

Gallery Information
Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Friday 11am – 5pm
December 10 – 13 & January 6 – 16 by appointment only

Holiday Closures: November 21 – 22, 2013 &
December 16, 2013 – January 6, 2014

Architectural and natural environments’ root systems, foundations, and material infrastructures lay buried or concealed underground, largely unavailable to our immediate perceptual inquiries. Subterranean structures, associated with both literal and figurative conceptions of the underground, comprise the premise of the exhibition SUBTERRANEA. Notions of the subterranean are often inflected with the properties of the unknown, evoking the arcane and the afterlife. As an allegorical or psychological space, the subterranean is the site of Dostoevsky’s Notes from Underground and Dante’s Inferno; as a plural term, “subterranea,” or “undergrounds,” signifies political (the French Resistance), social (the Underground Railroad), and economic (the 17th century English “Diggers”) counter-cultural movements. SUBTERRANEA presents imaginative responses that bridge and transcend the literal, abstract, and metaphoric in the areas of video, photography, sculpture, and works on paper.

The UC San Diego Visual Arts Department and Discursive and Curatorial Productions Initiative are pleased to present SUBTERRANEA, a group exhibition curated by Melinda Guillen and Elizabeth D. Miller.

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