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The Science Visualization Workshop

Building Collaboration in Art and Science,
Giving Scientists New Tools to Communicate

Scientists and artists have been partners in communicating new truths about our world for over five centuries. Today, given the new complexities of science and the growing need to increase science literacy, that partnership is more important than ever. At the same time, new technology is revolutionizing the way we consume media, even as traditional media organizations become more tentative and limited with every passing month. As a result, many scientists, academics, visualizers, and media professionals feel frustrated in their efforts to communicate “real” science effectively to an increasingly distracted public.

At Science Visualization, our perspective is different. Through our ground-breaking work over many years for National Geographic and other institutions, we’ve shown that the new media landscape can actually empower savvy scientists to communicate in new and exciting ways without compromising the quality of their research. The key is grasping this new media environment, and harnessing it to bring attention to fresh and important work. That’s what we specialize in. And now, through our Workshop, we can help you more effectively visualize and communicate the scientific discoveries of tomorrow.

Our Workshop goals
• To foster analogous thinking and inter-disciplinary relationships among artists, scientists, and media professionals to create media outreach plans.
• To show scientists and artists how they can create engaging media assets that meet communications goals for different audiences (education, mass media, secondary use environments.
• To teach the economic side of media production and key issues regarding rights and intellectual property.
• To explore natural connections between scientists, artists, and institutional staff to further science visualization and communication.

Who can benefit from the Workshop?
• Scientists and researchers
• Artists and visualizers
• Teachers, instructors, professors
• Media producers, communicators, programmers, writers, etc.
• Institutional representatives working with intellectual property, communications, education, and other media-related activities

Read about the workshop presenters Christina Elson, Chris Sloan, and Don Belt.

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