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The Institute for Exploration in Theatre, Dance and Performance (ITDP) Nov 21 Application!!

The Institute for Exploration in Theatre, Dance and Performance (ITDP) offers opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff to further research through practical and informal exploration and application. The specifics of each ITDP work are based on the needs and desired outcome of the project and are not constrained by any typical “theatrical paradigm.” There will be no tickets sold, no designers allocated, nor any space pre-assigned. The needs and wants of the specific work will define how the department can best support it. These projects will usually be modest in scale, well-planned and must fit within the standard departmental season.

ITDP works must be approved by the chair of the Department of Theatre and Dance and the production manager. Applicants must be sponsored by a Theatre & Dance faculty member.

Application Overview and Guidelines providing detailed information can be obtained by clicking here or by emailing Eric Steggall at These documents explain the kind of support with which the ITDP is going to be able to help applicants. The Guidelines include a downloadable Application Proposal Form.

The deadline for the first call for applications is Monday, Nov. 21. The second call will go out in the winter quarter for applications in early May. Applications may plan out from one to 18 months in advance. Please send applications to

Research in the performing arts is crucial for expanding understanding of both creative power and different kinds of knowledge and communication using voice, body and gesture. As we move toward a more global and diverse world, understanding multiple kinds of knowledge and creativity gives insight into different cultures and peoples who are sometimes outside the culture norms of accepted knowledge. The Institute for Exploration in Theatre, Dance and Performance will encourage cutting edge research and production across fields and in a dialogue with the diverse community of Davis.


Call for Applications: Institute for Exploration in Theatre, Dance and Performance.


UC Davis Department of Theatre & Dance


First call for applications deadline is Monday, Nov. 21.


Eric Steggall at

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