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Kathy Foley: The Flaming Womb: Ken Arok Performance Project and Cosmology and Character Type in Southeast Asia Exhibit

Kathy Foley (UCSC Theater) Faculty

About the Project: An Indonesian-American collaboration leading to the performance of the Indonesian dance drama Ken Arok with text by Kathy Foley, Direction by Iman Soleh and Kathy Foley, music by Lili Suparli, and choreography and design by Irawati  Durban. This was a new conceptualization of the Majapahit kingdom story which analyzes the causes of violence and terror in human society. The piece considered this epic story in relation to the violence and indiscriminate use of power in the present, interrogating  the contemporary cultural divide between Islamic cultures and American.

About the Artist: Kathy Foley is a Professor of Theater Arts and editor of ASIAN THEATRE JOURNAL. She specializes in performance of Southeast Asian theater and in addition to UCSC has taught at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok and Yonsei University in Seoul. She is author of the Southeast Asian material in CAMBRIDGE GUIDE TO ASIAN THEATRE, numerous articles, and performs and directs dance dramas, puppetry and other works. Her exhibitions of Asian puppets and masks have been shown at the East West Center in Hawaii, the Northern Illinois Museum of Anthropology, The National Geographic Society, and the Center for Puppetry Arts.
Kathy Foley’s research interests include the use of digital imagery in theatre and performance practice, digital materials as reflection of cultural representation, the relations of puppetry, animation, and digital art, and new media in Southeast Asia.

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