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TALK: Reclaiming Fair Use: The Best Practices Approach at the UCSB IHC

Peter Jaszi (Law, American University)
Thursday, November 3 / 4:00 PM
McCune Conference Room, 6020 HSSB


“Fair use” is the safety-valve of the U.S. copyright law; it authorizes activities that would otherwise be considered infringement when they add significant value to collective culture. Today, more than ever, a robust understanding of fair use doctrine is essential to the health of the intellectual property system. Professor Jaszi will discuss the history of the doctrine , the ways contemporary courts apply it, and how communities of practitioners are joining forces to claim – and assert – their fair use rights. He will also discuss some current fair use controversies concerning education and libraries. He is the co-author, with Patricia Aufderheide, of a new book from the University of Chicago Press: Reclaiming Fair Use: How to Put the Balance Back in Copyright.


Sponsored by the IHC’s Public Goods series.


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