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Tahoe Arts Project receives California Arts Council grant

by Tahoe Daily Tribune

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. — The Tahoe Arts Project will receive a 2010-’11 Creating Public Value grant of $7,500 from the The California Arts Council.

The Tahoe Arts Project, located in South Lake Tahoe, was one of 87 organizations that submitted the strongest proposals to enrich their local communities through the arts. The grant was given to support and expand participation in performing arts programs for K-12 students and public performances for residents and tourists in South Lake Tahoe.

Funds support more than 5,000 K-12 students and over 3,000 residents and tourists who attend the organization’s public performances.

“These organizations provide outstanding opportunities in the arts for diverse groups of Californians,” said Marilyn Nielsen, Interim Director of the California Arts Council, of all the Creating Public Value grant recipients. “We’re pleased to have them represent the Creating Public Value program by bringing a wide variety of arts experiences to communities across California.

The Creating Public Value program seeks to promote the positive impact of the arts in the lives of all Californians by supporting small arts organizations in rural and underserved communities in which geography, economic conditions, ethnic background, or disability hinder access to the arts.

The Tahoe Arts Project demonstrated how they plan to use funding to support new and expanded programs that will benefit the communities it serves through criteria known as “The Three R’s:” Relationships (by building partnerships); Relevance (to the community by increasing public California Arts Council Press Release: Creating Public Value Grant Recipients July 25, 2011 Page 2 of 2 participation); and Return on Investment (by promoting the organization’s social and economic impact).

For more information about the Creating Public Value program, contact the California Arts Council’s Information Officer Mary Beth Barber at 916-322-6588 or

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