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Susan Laxton: Confessions* of a Male Chauvinist Pig

Susan Laxton (UC Riverside): $1,000 for Confessions* of a Male Chauvinist Pig. June/July Mini Grants

In conjunction with the student curated exhibition Confessions* of a Male Chauvinist Pig, a public panel will be held at the the UCR California Museum of Photography, August 11-0ctober 26. The panel will focus on Garry Winogrand’s book, “Women are Beautiful” (1975), a set of 85 photographs shot of women in public places between 1964 and 1973, which struggled to fmd a publisher then withered in the light offeminist critique once it appeared. Photographer Connie Hatch, whose work in the 1970s responded directly to Women are Beautiful is a confirmed participant. Other invited panelists are feminist artist Catherine Lord, emeritus, UC Irvine; Erin O’Toole, co-curator of the current SF MoMA Winogrand retrospective; and Jane Ward, assistant professor, Women’s Studies, UC Riverside.

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