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Submit Your Artwork To A Themed Exhibition

Please join us in starting a new quarterly project called Around Poetics, that will be created with the work of contributing artist. We’re all creating so much everyday and in the margins of our daily lives exists something poetic, so why not solidify these creations and contribute them to a melting pot that will cook into a whole new form. Being artists ourselves, we’re excited to curate the contributing works in a witty, fresh and unorthodox way. The form of the quarterly themes will always exist as a digital publication, but the physical state will change forms, i.e, events, zine, mobile installations, etc.
For this quarter, the theme Miniature Spaces will start the launch of the Around Poetics website for the digital publication.

Deadline: 08-07-2011
Around Poetics 
San Francisco 

Contact: Jenny Galipo

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