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Stephanie LeMenager: flowTOPIA: How’s Your Water Relationship?

Stephanie LeMenager (UC Santa Barbara): $500 for flowTOPIA: How’s Your Water Relationship?. December Mini Grants

On March 1st and 2nd, artists Sara Daleiden and Therese Kelly will conduct a two day interactive performance and workshop under the working title “flowTOPIA: How’s Your Water Relationship?” The first day of the event includes a scavenger hunt in which (25-40) participants locate water features on the campus, from bioswale to rain gardens and refill stations. The hunt becomes fieldwork, raising consciousness about our location as a coastal watershed. Day Two features a brainstorm where students create prototypes for media interventions to mark existing water features and/or places where such features need to be implemented. The event will be introduced by a witty survey, sent out through various student organizations, titled “How’s Your Water Relationship?”—on the model of a relationship survey in a women’s magazine of the 1970s. This event is part of the ongoing Critical Issues in America Series, Figuring Sea Level Rise, whose director is Professor Janet Walker.

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