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State Arts Agency Visits Inland Area

Inland leaders made their case to a state agency Thursday for support of cultural endeavors.


The California Arts Council convened in downtown Riverside for a day-long meeting at the UCR/California Museum of Photography.


The council, which has nine members, was welcomed by Jonathan Green, director of ARTSblock, UC Riverside’s three downtown arts venues.


Before the council got down to business, it heard from Patrick Brien, of the Riverside Arts Council, and Daniel Foster, of the Community Foundation of Riverside and San Bernardino.


Both men pointed out that their organizations serve performers, artists and arts organizations to the far reaches of both counties.


The California Arts Council has a budget this year of $5 million, according to its Director Craig Watson.


It uses some of those funds in partnerships with arts councils endorsed by the counties they serve. In the Inland area, Brien and Foster have those endorsements.


As Brien put it, “We really look at the California Arts Council as the umbrella organization that feeds into partners, which then feed into everyone else.”


Foster is working to re-establish San Bernardino’s arts council, which went bankrupt in 2006. The state agency, as part of a program to re-activate inactive county councils, gave San Bernardino two grants worth $52,000.


The new agency, called Arts Connection–The Arts Council for San Bernardino County, will launch in the spring. Foster promised the council it would be introduced with a series of major events.


State council members met with Inland residents at a reception following the meeting.


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