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Sound Art: L@TE Friday Nights Program at the UC Berkeley BAM/PFA

November 4, 2011
7:30 PM; Gallery B


Programmed by Kamau Patton
Doors 5:00, Joshua Kit Clayton (DJ) 6:30


Local artists Paul DeMarinis and Laetitia Sonami team up to bring Kurt Schwitters’s Ursonate to life with an electric orchestra of pickle jars—shock buzzes in liquid produce rhythms and syllables—accompanied by a modern version of early abstract light machines. Then art collective 0th performs a site-specific work incorporating music, video, and dance; as dancers organize and disorganize themselves throughout the space, they project live video onto a sculptural screen.


Performers include: Ben Ashlock, Lauchlan Casey, Emily Chaves, Tina Dillman, Ian Heil, Joseph Hernandez, George Hokkanen, James Howzell, Hannah Kirby, Roman Koval, Biingjjie Li, Hector Ramirez, Felix Sabillón, Lina Schmidt, Rosie Sillitoe, Ramona Stoianova, Kenneth Thomas, Linsey Wallace, Dawn Weleski, Teresa Yang


L@TE is made possible in part by the continued support of the BAM/PFA Trustees. Special thanks to our media sponsors, East Bay Express and San Francisco Bay Guardian.


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