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SOTA Online Publication

The UC Institute for Research in the Arts’s State of the Arts (SOTA) is an online and print publication series dedicated to instigating dialogues about arts and education within the University of California system.

For the first six months (July-December 2010) SOTA will work around the arts and their connection to the fiscal crisis across the system.

SOTA is looking for submissions of approximately 500 words. Examples of what we are looking for include: Investigations into the budget restructuring impact on the quality and quantity of arts education within the UC; reports on how you are or plant to be addressing the UC crisis in your classroom work; reflections on creative or new forms of activism emerging on your campus; and thoughts on the critical role the arts play in public education, particularly within the UC system.

Texts/Projects will be posted online atĀ (New Site Coming Soon!) weekly on every Tuesday, compiled into a monthly newsletter and sent out to the UCIRA mailing list reaching people across the state and beyond, and then compiled into a printed edition in November for the annual UCIRA “State of the Arts” conference taking place at UCSD. Submissions are accepted on a rolling deadline.

EmailĀ if you have interest in contributing or knowing more about our work.

Upcoming Contributions:

  • Report Back on Students at UCI doing 24 hours reading of the mater plan by Eric Morrill (UCI)
  • Report Back on online activism around March 4, 2010 protests by Ricardo Dominguez (UCSD)
  • Report Back on “Meet The Regents” Exhibition project by Dayanita Ramesh and Lucille Potter (UCD)
  • Looking Forward to Teaching the Crisis by Pat Morton (UCR)

And More!

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