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Lesha Rodriguez: Social Documentary: Challenging Yourself and others

Lesha Rodriguez (San Diego / Visual Arts Department) Graduate Student

In this course, students take a reflective view on how they view social issues, cultures, value systems, or their environment through the use of video media created in this class. With the use of the classroom “Documentary Kit” students will focus on relevant issues that directly affect them and the environment they create. By taking the classroom outside to the public streets and roads, ┬áit will form a new generation of educational videos.

Lesha Maria Rodriguez believes she can cultivate a change in the world through her art. The primary foundation of her work deals with emotionally charged issues: abortion, sexually transmitted diseases, gender identification, and human rights. One of her main influences comes from her Latino culture, while at the same time addressing issues influencing a broader audience. As a young Latina she had opportunities to study numerous art mediums. Her creative talents best manifest themselves in photography, printmaking, and mixed media.

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